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Understanding Mantras: The Heart of Vedic Meditation

The heart and soul of Vedic Meditation is the mantra. But what exactly is a mantra, and how does it facilitate the process of meditation?

In Sanskrit, 'mantra' is derived from two roots - 'man', which means mind, and 'tra', which implies tools or instruments. Hence, a mantra can be seen as a tool for the mind—a vehicle that carries your awareness from the active, surface level of thought, down to the quiet, inner silence of pure consciousness.

Unlike the popular misconception, mantras in Vedic Meditation are not words or phrases with specific meanings. They are rather specific sounds or vibrations that, when repeated silently, resonate with the natural rhythms of our body and mind. This resonance helps to settle the mind, leading it into a state of deep rest and relaxation, while remaining alert.

Each practitioner is given a personalized mantra by their teacher, which is unique to their own life experiences. The mantra acts as a gentle guide that directs your focus inward, away from the constant chatter of thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

When the mantra is correctly used in Vedic Meditation, it allows the mind to transcend the surface level of consciousness and tap into a reservoir of energy, creativity, and peace that lies within us all.

When you are initiated into Vedic Meditation you are given your own personalized mantra.

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